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Is good for designers?

99designs .com is good if you love design contest without the greed of income.
This is no 1 website for graphic design contest in the world. You can earn money with your passion, if you a graphic designer, web designer, app designer etc. Here you can find world class contests the expend your creativity and mind.

  • This site is trustworthy and work. you get paid 100% if you win any contest.
  • The main thing is that our design should be creative and unique, which increases your winning chances.
  • This is Australia based site. The designer participates around the world.
  • You can see here 97,339,731 designs have been posted till now and continues ...
  • There are many websites like this in the internet but 99design is the best and on the no 1.
I worked on many design contest site like design crowd, freelancer, designcontest, crowdspring, talenthouse etc. I have different experiences on every site. All sites has its own features and advantages.
99designs .com price of the contest is higher than another site. 

Projects and clients are a very high label. that why here need extraordinary creativity here. You can get the best customer support, fast payment and get participation payment also, sometimes if you get selected as a finalist. You can get full payment as shown on the project page, not any deduction. As of many website charges 10% to 20% on winner price. Above images is a contest page. here we can find relevant contest or project that match your profile. I mostly participate in logo design, business cards, and Icon design project.  You can see here price and other detail related to the project. cost, deadline time, no of design that submitted, etc.
Click on drop-down button we can see all categories list for design type as shown here like logo, web app, etc.
Hope that helps

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What is the easiest work on Freelancer?

Logo Design and Bidding on Project is easiest work.
But Freelancing is not easy specially in starting face. you need to put your extra power from inside. because this a race, this a competition , this is a like game. Whereas, if you follow some importance things you work be easy and you can earn money too.
Freelancing trend are increasing day by day today’s. Everyone want do start freelancing and make some money. There are many tips and tricks to start freelancing. Here are some must important tips or secrets. These all tips are based on my personal experience. you can download free cdr file on for references. 
1 . Competitive Approach – This is as important as petrol in fire and as oxygen in our life. When you come down or lose your energy or feel hopeless. It will help much to come back again and again for success.
2 . Keep financial backup before start – This is as parachute, when you fail or about fail it will save you.
3. Celebrate your small Success with friends – It will keep you recharge always to do more.
4. Enjoy when you fail – feel like game when you fail.
5. Always try to challenge yourself – it will help to bring out hidden talent form yourself.
Hope that helps
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Best freelancing website that you can make good income?

For freelancing these the famous sites
For active income:
1. 99designs
4. Fiverr
5. Upwork
7. Crowdspring
8. Designcontest
9. Guru
10. Peopleperhour
For passive income

1. Shutterstock
2. 123rf
3. Adobestock
4. Dreemstime
5. Themforest
6. Myfont
7. Freepik
8. Thenounproject
9. Envato
10. Youtube

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Why freelance work becoming more popular?

It's many reasons, some of them are
  • Freedom from boss
  • Full control of your time
  • Much time spends with family and friends.
  • No boundation of earning.
  • Most important you can live your life.
In freelance you need
  • Technical Skills
  • Marketing skill
  • Communication skill
  • Competitive approach
  • Continues learning
In corporate you need
  • High qualification
  • Hard and smart work
  • Official politics
  • Management skill
  • Confidence
Suggestion for must read before start freelancing
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Top 10 freelancing websites for earning in India?

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. 99designs
  4. Designcrowd
  5. Sutterstock
  6. Themforest
  7. Talenthouse
  8. Crowdspring
  9. Designcontest
  10. Upwork
Upcoming new site

How can you survive as a freelancer without joining the freelancing sites?

In this digital era it is very tough to survive without online for any freelancer, Specially for new freelancer. Because all market demand and client are going to online mode. Where as it is also possible to do freelancing without on line freelancing sites. But some important things.
  1. Need experience
  2. Good network
  3. Passion with work
  4. Good communication skill
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Difference between, and 

All these three site are most famous and reliable site for freelancing. I will show you the main differences here through these two table.
In this table you can understand easily about how much designer are on site, how many live projects on sites now, commission fee, winning changes etc.

In this second table you can see all these site are Australia based company and stated the almost the same year as per Wikipedia. I work all of them and win the project each site.
you can see more on each site on my youtube channel

To understand in hindi watch this video.


What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraud. It is done to make bad use of sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising oneself. Carried out by email or messaging, it request directs users to enter personal details at a fake website and on getting the information they immediately hack your accounts. Be aware.
When it comes to elementary school age kids, phishing has a different perspective. Children often do not know better than to enter their personal information into forms online whether it is to register for a website or sign up for a chance to win a prize. So it is possible that details
about your address, phone number, and other family information is being given to questionable websites. There is much software to safeguard kids on Internet
This is when someone is trying to steal your password and information by directing you to a fake login page. Take seriously always double check that links or files that it is valid website or not.

How it work:
It attacks use email or malicious websites to collect personal and financial information or infect your machine with malware and viruses.
Tips of avoiding being a victim:

  • Don’t reveal personal or financial information in an email, and do not respond to email solicitation for this information. This includes following links sent in email. 
  • Pay attention to the website URL. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com versus .net). 
  • Try to verify it by contacting the company directly contact the company using information provides on an account statement, not information provided in an email. You have to be learn about known phishing attacks and/or report phishing through anti-phishing working groups. 
  • Keep a clean machine. Keep all software on internet-connected devices-including PCs, smart phones  and tablets – up to date to reduce risk pf infection from malware 
  • It's also important to educate. About the tactics of phishes. Employees should be take knowledge of training on security awareness. Inform them to be wary of e-mails with attachments from people they don't know. And no credible website would ask for their password over e-mail. Read all URLs carefully.

Thing you should take care: 
All transactions of money for a project or contest should be completed through that freelancing site. Never agree to send money to an employer offsite whether it is via Paypal, Skrill or even Bitcoin. This also means that they are trying to pay via a stolen credit card and we are unable to detect them, then the transaction should be on your own risk. And if you did transactions through a freelancer platform then in that case you can use customer service complaint or payment dispute, that records of these conversations are checked by our customer service team.
Be wary if your employer is asking for more than one or two samples of your work. Although it may be important to demonstrate your ability to a potential employer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of giving away free work to scammers. Avoid sending many free samples.
If your employer refuses to start a Milestone Payment or avoids questions about their payment, then it may be best to think twice before accepting the project.

Most common types of phishing attack below as well as provide useful tips on how organizations can defend themselves
Deceptive phishing is the most common type of phishing scam. In this type of ploy, fraudsters impersonate a legitimate company in an attempt to steal people’s personal data or login credentials.
Vishing is not the only type of phishing that digital fraudsters can perpetrate on a phone. They can also conduct what’s known as smishing.
This method of phishing leverages cache poisoning against the domain name system (DNS), a naming system that the Internet uses to convert alphabetical website names, such as “,” to numerical IP addresses so that it can locate and thereby direct visitors to computer services and devices.

Search Engine Phishing
It refers to the creation of a fake webpage for targeting specific keywords and waiting for the searcher to land on the fake webpage.

By using the guide above, organizations will be able to more quickly spot some of the most common types of phishing attacks. Even so, that doesn’t mean they will be able to spot each and every phish.
Organizations conducting security awareness training, so that their employees and executives cannot be trapped stay on top of phishing evolution.


Dream11 v/s

Earning money online is a very good concept, there are many online money making opportunities. Anyone with a computer knowledge and internet can make money online. If you have quality, determination and focus, and move on the right path, you can definitely success.

First way to make money online is through a wrong way as playing game, clicking ads, watching ads, paid review etc. That not for long run and better future.   

Second way to make money online is good ways as sell your service, sell product etc. 

But here I am talking about Fantasy game like dream11, team11 etc. vs Design contest like 99designs, sits etc.

As we all know a little about dream11. I personally think both are a lottery type. but along with has some differences in both. I created a table to show you for better understanding. 
In this table you can see the main differences easyly. 
Price money is definitely higher in IPL contest. but in it we need investment of money, time and skill. And the other hand future is not good in IPL fantasy game. 
The main motive of writing this article is to move, my young friends who has some graphic design knowledge, participate in logo design contest, inspite of dream11 for better future. As you can see 3 green signal in design contest column. 

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Design Contest vs Project Biding

Design Contest and Project Bid are the two different way to earn money online for Graphic Designer or any freelancer. Both has some specific features. 

Design Contest : As we know that what is the contest. So, in design contest, designers submit their designs according to the design brief. Contest holder give feedback through star ratings or private messages. If client like any of design that submitted by designers, pick the design and award the designer. The winning designer will get prize money, and the contest holder gets the design with all source file ans copyright on design.
Some Famous Design Contest Sites are 99designs, designcontest, crowdspring, designcrowd .com etc. 

Project Bid : Bidding is an offer to set a price by an individual for a product or service or a demand that something be done. A client will post a project on your website, then relevant freelancers will bid for the project, write a proposal to convince the client into choosing him/her over the others. Client give reviews and then select the freelancer.
Some Famous Freelancer Project Bid Sites are upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour, freelancer .com etc.

Differences Between Design Contest and Project Bid : 

  • Design contest is best for creative project like logo design, Poster Design etc. 
  • Project Biding is best for that type of project in which main part is production or quantity. or time consuming. 
  • In Design contest 99% work done before winning the project where as project bid 99% work done after designer selection. 
  • In Design contest Designer get the high risk because they have to give 100% before selection  where as in project bid client get the high risk. 
  • Client phishing higher in project bid then design contest
How you get success in design contest: 
When you start a design contest first of all you have to read the brief carefully this way you are able to choose the designer that suits your skills and you can give the best. Also a very important point time work should be ends on right time and usually lasts only a few days, not weeks and if you able to convincing the contest holder you can exceeds the deadline, but it would be dictated by your own desire. It is up to you Choose those contest when you are sure that your design will be made on time. It reflects to your profile feedback and well as your personal image. When you work with only one person you receive a limited number of ideas. When you’re starting a contest, you get heavy load of same type of design So if you are looking for something fresh and original, think carefully about your design that from which design your design holder be impress, take your time use your full mind and make it unique to make a contest much better. 
We wish you good luck and successful contests!

How you get success in project bidding: 
Here are some important things to help you build a successful client base and excel as an official Freelancer: Only bid on projects that match your skills. Employers are looking for top quality work at a fair price. It is important to make your profile picture, professional headline, reviews, and portfolio attracts the clients, If you’re serious about being a successful freelancer, don’t ever take that part of your profile page lightly! If you are old to work on particular site with best reviews best rate so customer hire you by seeing you profile.

For understand in Hindi watch this video 


Thursday, December 5, 2019

4 Online Passive Income for graphic designers

“Passive income for designers” seems so dreamy, right? Just sit back and collect a pay check every month without any real work.


If you create graphics like logo, icon, clipart, infographic etc then upload on sites like shutterstock, freepik. You will be paid on downloads. Your graphic you get money for that. Graphics should be in high quality and creative. You should  notc from others your design should be created by your own idea.


If you have good experience in graphic design and know some technical in it, you can upload your template like business card, poster, brochure, website layout etc. Most famous site is themeforest. You will get money on each download or sale. 


Selling your own fonts is also a ways to make passive income. But creating font is not a easy task. I talk much time and need deep knowledge about font making process. You can sale your font on many site as myfonts, font shop etc. Per sale you can get approx $20-$25. 


This is not only for graphic designer but also any one can write blog as per his knowledge. You can start as a gust blogger also. You can also write on quora. 
Create some way for passive income. That is good for your better future. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

3 Dark Secrets of online Freelancing

Nothing is perfect. So freelancing has also dark side or negative side or demerits. I have 8 yr of experience in graphic design including 4 yr of freelancing. In this period I face many difficulties. So, I am going to share some of the main negative things about freelancing.

3 main dark Secrets of online freelancing :

1. Invisible Mode: 

That’s I mean or I feel, online freelancing work like “Hawa Mahal”, like “air”, like “Maya Nagari”, because everything is present but also not in the physical presence, only money looks a physical presence. I mean to say, online freelancing could be ruin any time by one's stock. As you have heard some day before many youtube Accounts has been suspended, Upwork and designcrowd, 99designs also suspending many freelancer users. I mean reason can be anything. by your side or by the company side or client side or government side etc. So, keep in mind these things and make a backup or reaction plan if your freelancing work stuck by anyway. What will you do? There can be many reasons to shutter down your freelancing career. Some main are below.

2. Copyright Issue: 

In the creative field be aware to copy past mentality, this is the biggest reason to sink many freelancer careers.
Phishing: Means if you break website terms and condition, or try to contact the client outside of a specific website or ask some favor by the client. This type of activity can cause to suspend your account on freelancer website.
Unsocial Behavior: Best example for this youtuber “Logan paul” case.
Fear when no income: Freelancing is work like “dig daily then eat daily” especially in active income freelancing. This is the same as Job in any company. But the difference is that in the company job we have to only go office first, whereas, in freelancing, we have to work and find work too. If you are in the creative field, participate in the online contest as 99designs, designcrowd etc., You understand what I am trying to say. I personally feel that, when income is coming regularly without any fluctuation, then no problem. But the problem is that when we working and working continuously and not get income accordingly. whereas, does like that sometimes 1–2 month continuous. That time we definitely feel fear because your expenses are not reducing.

3. Loss on Absence: 

As we know when we work as freelancing that means that is also like a company, the company is you. Generally, we work individuality, that’s why sometimes, we face some difficulty when you are unavailable for work and work is vary important. As, when you work in the corporate office, where, in absence of you, some of your colleagues can do your work and company handle our business and safe ourselves to loss of money or client, etc. By personal experience, if you working on designcorwd, 99design, freelancer, you know well, what I am trying to say. If I could not able to check my email by 2 days continuous. I lost some financially because online freelancing work needs to be online always at least 2 -3 time in a day. Because, you can get “paid invitation”, “one to one project”, “Successful Bid acceptation”.
All are needed to accept in content time bond. If we did not accept we fail to get work and work can go to another freelancer. Apart from that, we not only to accept this project but also we have to send a design or project file in some content time bond. If you fail to do that by any your personal or technical reason you have to face the loss that is any kind of like financially, client loss, ratting loss, good review, etc.
All the issues of freelancing career can be managed. You do your best in your style. My intention was only to awake from that.

Hope that help.
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How to win Logo Design Contest?

  1. Read Brief Sharply: Read description at least 2-3 times that help find out client exact requirement and dig up key points from brief. So you can combine all of them in a unique shape.
  2. Don’t Afraid Long Brief: Don’t far away from long design brief and find easy brief because easy brief get more design submission that reduce your winning chance. In long brief you get better understand client requirement. That is the main key secret.
  3. Design Minimum 3 Option: Design at least 3 options with deferent feel and concept. That will Increase to cover up the client requirement criteria from all direction. You also feel better and satisfy to give your best effort.
  4. Describe your Design Thought: Write you concept or thought behind you design to better understand to the client. As what is the meaning of your design? What are the combined elements? What is your design speaks or anything that you shown up.
  5. Give Various Preview Option: Show Logo on various preview as dark and light background, single color, multicolor, small and large view for understand competitiveness capability of logo.
  6. Don’t Be Harry: Logo design process go through very high creative thinking, It’s may take some time, so don’t be harry to create, take a deep breath and create gently. Take it easy without pressure or burden.
  7. Be Happy and Fit: For the great output you should get always refresh and happy with fit body. There is no laziness, weakness or fractiousness feel while we sit on the computer for design.
  8. Take some break in meanwhile: Taking some break in between the process of logo design brings outstanding result. Sometimes ideas do not come on the desk that will help. So Break help to get some idea to fill blankness of mind.
  9. Feel that is your own Brand: When we inter into the brand by emotional and forget that we are creating it’s for money or for client, then output comes extraordinary and out of the box.
  10. Dare to Accept Negative Feedback: Keep always self motivated when we get negative feedback from clients. If you have stamina to hear negative feedback that will be the key element to win logo design contest.
This entire concept based on my personal experience on winning logo design contest on designcrowd, 99design and hope that help you. You may watch another video for improve your logo design skill “10 Logo Design Tips” link in description. Thanks for watching. Like, share & subscribe.    

How to grow YouTube channel fast?

If you really want to grow your youtube channel, here are 10 effective ways:

  1. Make your content original: Original don't means it was never published online. The important thing is if you are republishing content make sure that content is in a unique way. And also your content should be in demand.  
  2. Keep improving your content: Make a theme in your mind when you creating next content like, " New, Better!".
  3. Go live on Youtube: That's work when your subscriber quantity is higher. That provides excellent engagement opportunities to your viewer, because you can communicate directly with your audience. Live video also has long watch times.
  4. Write answers on quora and get backink from here: Write answers on quora to promote your YouTube videos. That will be helpful to know the burning questions.
  5. Write comments on Youtube that relate to your channel. You can also get your back link from this:You might respond to comments, answer questions, and initiate projects that require viewer participation, or share personal stories that give fans a behind-the-scenes peek at your channel.
  6. Put your original voice and face in your video:There’s nothing worse than watching a video that is of poor quality, but worst, that has really poor audio. If you're recording yourself and talking in your videos, you can do this by your smartphone, you really don't need any other expensive gear. 
  7. Do not search more about how to grow a Youtube channel, focus on your content: Don’t feel your content is bad, be positive and focus on content to make more improvement. For example many people go to YouTube to find answers and ‘how to grow channel ...’ tutorials. that is good but beware of wrong way to grow. 
  8. Be patient. Not everyone gets the same growth at a Time; it depends on your category type too: Patience is more important than doing the work because no one gets success without doing hard work. And by applying these tricks you will definitely get succeed in all categories. 
  9. Upload videos continuously: This tip may sound intimidating at first, but to grow your audience, you need to increase your posting frequency to at least one video a week. But you can upload many video as you think but keep content is new and better.
  10. Keep smiling Do not worry: This tips is tested work on every situations. So no need to worry be positive and keep smiling.
Hope that helps
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How can get hire on freelance website?

It's little tough in staring face. But you can get hired if follow these terms:
  1. Read full brief and go through each references that provided by client.
  2. Don't make false commitment for get hired.
  3. Write your bid to the point only. Don't try to attract client by greed.
  4. Keep patience, sometime you have to wait long for get first project.
  5. Be positive, confident and motivated. It will help when you fail many times.
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Best Design Contest Website

According to me designcrowd is the best site for beginners freelancer. Because compatition is low here and aslo get participation payment sometimes when you are not winning main price. I also earned $20k on this site.
You can aslo work on:
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How can make money online?

This depends on who want to make money online.
There are many way to make money online :
  1. Sale products online at Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc.
  2. Create video on Youtube
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Blog post
  5. Create mobile apps for play store, Amazon store, apple store etc.
  6. Sale graphics or images on shutterstock, freepik, adobestock, themforest etc.
  7. Sale codes
  8. Participate design contest on 99designs, designcrowd, talenthouse etc.
  9. Post ‘Paid post' on social media sites as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  10. Sale educational tutorials
  11. Get job by biding on freelancer, fivver, upwork etc.
  12. To start some own business or website for any type of services
All are depends on someone skills and interest as I am graphic designer, so I make money by to follow no ‘8’ point.
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Why are graphic designers underrated in India?

First, I will say it's not fully true. There are many graphic designers are highly appreciated and getting good salary rather than web developer, programmer, UX designer in IT industry. But in some cases graphic designer are being underrated.

These are the main 3 factors for causes:
1. Lack of creativity and interest: 
Some graphic designer basically not interested in this creative field, but came by chance or by force or by greed of money to listen by someone in this field. That’s why they are not enjoying their work. because of this, they are not able to create outstanding design and they did not deliver creative design, as we know, in these day, market are demanding more creative and more original design work. That in the biggest reason to underrated graphic designer, who are this kind of. Interest in our work basically effect on every field but in graphic design field more effective. Because some designers are not relate his design work to ourselves. They design in the pressure. That’s why outcome are not as per today market demand. I am talking about freestyle graphic design not on production design or data formatting, typesetting etc.

Copy Paste Mentality is also a factor of valuate the designer. Reason of copy paste, I think, they try to work fast in under presser. Solution is those learn sketching, understand the design process and follow them. So, if you not fulfill the client requirement, your rating is automatically will be down that is naturally.

2. Software Oriented: 
Some graphic designer basically in India, learn only CorelDraw Software and they think that he is a graphic designer. Because of that he faces many difficulties in future. Today, we need to learn almost all graphic related software as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc. It is tough to be an expert in all software but we need to be familiar with that. Software is surly is the secondary part but we not be complete without it. Because, today graphic design market is very large and platform is spreading day by day. So we need many conversions to single design. As, if you create a simple banner or ads for any company. You may need to create many versions for the same design like. for print purpose, For website, for TV ad etc., in this conversion you may required many software to convert a single design into multipurpose or you can say responsive uses. So, every graphic designer may need to learn some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Premier Pro, Flash etc. Whereby, you may save yourselves to elimination by called software oriented person. you become responsive designer.

3. Lack of Awareness about the power of Graphic Design: 
This fast moving environment nobody has time to read whole text. So graphic will help to communicate fast and without languages barriers. Because of this some company or person not want pay high cost for that. Whereas, to create good graphic design, that be original, unique, conceptual and communicative, in any type as logo, poster, banner etc, is costly. It do not matter how match time was consumed to create that design, matter is the designer who creating the design he spend before creating much time to learn all the aspect of visual graphic and technique knowledge, so they should paid for that knowledge not for time the consumed. Same as we pay doctor fee for his knowledge not how much time he take to write down to medicine. This is also a biggest reason to underrate to the all graphic designer. But positive side is that now many big company paying much higher for creative graphic designer so should be positive for that. Many online graphic design contest also are being organized by may site as http://99design.comhttp://freelancer.comFreelance Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design | DesignCrowd many more, they awarded to the best original design pay much higher than personal client or company.
go for in hindi
Hope that help.

5 Basic Mistakes of Beginner Graphic Designer?

5 Basic Mistakes are below :
1 . Selection of Institute : some institute are only teach tools or provide less knowledge of piratical things or creativity. So be careful to selection of institution. I prefer learn by someone who has good practical knowledge in graphic field. You can go for personal one to one couching it may be some costly but for fast or right direction it will be best.
2 . Learn Basic of Drawing : Drawing will definitely will vary helpful for graphic designer. because now a day competition in creative industry are very high and copyright policy is vary strict. that’s why we need to create every design original and creative.
So, if you know drawing. I will able to create design more creative and original then others. Drawing will help to generate idea fast and create more options. because sometime we spend much time in google searching and get nothing. that time drawing help much.
Specially in logo design drawing is very helpful. I worked on many logo design contest site as designcrowd, 99designs, freelancer etc. and win 200+ logo design contest and many more. You can check out my logo design profile on youtube Kasturi Lal
3 . Not or less Practice at Home : As we know practice make man perfect so do practice as much as possible.
4 . Join Local Company After complete course : I starting face always try to join in big company where many senior designer are available for help or guidance that will help a lot to fast forward to you career in graphic design field.
5 . Laziness to update yourself with latest software and trend: This is last but vary important many designer are not growing because of this. So you should aware about update in our field and software trend etc.
More more graphic design tips and trick follow me on youtube Kasturi Lal
Hope that help

Do I need to learn drawing in graphic design?

I have 8+ experience in graphic design field. I did not feel that drawing is necessary for me but now day in last 1–2 year I feel that need to know drawing as well. because now a day competition in creative industry are very high and copyright policy is vary strict. that’s why we need to create every design original and creative.
So, if you know drawing. I will able to create design more creative and original then others. Drawing will help to generate idea fast and create more options. because sometime we spend much time in google searching and get nothing. that time drawing help much.
Specially in logo design drawing is very helpful. I worked on many logo design contest site as designcrowd, 99design, freelancer etc. and win 200+ logo design contest and many more. You can check out my logo design profile on youtube Kasturi Lal
Hence, I can say drawing will definitely help for graphic designer. if you learn it Starting face that will very good.
Hope That help,
Thank you.