Sunday, January 26, 2020

What is the future of freelancing work?

Future of freelancing is good. If you doing passive income freelancing that will best for the better tomorrow.  

Now a day, big company is also hiring freelancer as a short term work. So there are hug of work expending in near future for freelancer. The main thing is, you should keep learning and updating yourself. Otherwise you can go behind any time in freelancing world.

There are many benefits in freelancing for both freelancer and client as-
  1. No official allowance required

  2. Pay as per work, no Loss when no work.
  3. Best skill and work available easily on many freelancer sites
  4. Remote access and fast work

Therefore, according to me, these day and near future no any negative sites of freelancing work if you do with passion and honesty.  

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why Account not activate easily on Freelancing sites? 3 Reasons and Solutions

This problem is arising from number of new freelancers. I will explain to you it's 3 main reasons with its' solutions.

1. Identity Verification Process of Freelancers:

Reason: Some sites like, upwork, fiverr, etc. need ID proof of freelancer, to verify his identity to reduce fraud activity.
Solution: Upload ID proof like Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Passport etc. Or you can try other site like,,, Themforest etc.   

2. Skill Test of Freelancers:

Reason: To maintain services or design standards of website, some site like 99designs, crowdspring, take some designer skill test before their account full activated.
Solution: Enhance your practical skill as well as theory before start online freelancing to pass this test.

3. Websites Policy:

Reason: Some sites like upwork, not activate easily any freelancer account. It reasons may be completions, geographically reason etc.
Solution: Try on some alternative sites, peopleperhour, talenthouse, fiverr etc.   
I hope this article will help you understand the reasons and solutions of account activation process of freelancing sites.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Upwork v/s Fiverr

Now days, Upwork and Fiverr both are on the top list of trending freelancer sites and I know you are also curious to know about these two.
In this, we will cover everything like what is bad or good of these freelancing sites. For better understanding, I made three tables. Which site is better is all up to you but I can only help you by showing all its facts. So why to wait? Why to waste your time? Let’s get started.

From the first table, you can see

  • Upwork is US based and the fiverr is Israel based
  • Fiverr was founded earlier than upwork. 
  • Both of them have project from all over the world
  • Upwork promotes bidding project type it means you can place a bid amount according to the project and also discuss your amount if a client accept your bid you get hired and fiver promotes marketplace it means you have to make wig and list your service, than client search your work and if they impress with your description they definitely hire you. 
  • Approval in upwork is tough compared to fiverr. Let’s move further.

From the second table, you can see some basic information collected from the internet like:-

  • Number of designer working in upwork is more than fiverr.
  • In upwork there is also pro member feature while in fiverr there is only free member.
  • Both of them have equal rate of commission.
  • In alexa rank fiverr is on top.
  • And, competition is medium in upwork while on other side there is hard to get project. Here, Upwork is win-win here for you. Rest, choice is yours.

From the third table, you can clearly find that

  • Upwork provides hourly jobs but fiverr doesn’t. So, from my perspective you can earn more from upwork than a fiverr.
  • And, in upwork starting of project rate is $20 while in fiverr rate is less i.e. $5.
  • Be aware from freelancing spam, in upwork I can say spamming is rare but In fiverr there is medium.
  • In upwork you also need some experience so that you can complete hard projects in quality so, professional range of upwork is mid to high while in fiverr you can easily get job if you are fresher.
  • If you are unable to get approvals, you can also use their alternatives sites like people per hour, freelancer, etc. 

You can earn great passive income from these freelancing sites. For some more information you can see their official sites. I have account in both sites and earning good you can also take advantage and make account as fast you can set your own hourly rate and make attractive description so that clients get impress easily. Now you can choose your site.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

What is Phishing on Freelancing Sites?

Phishing on Freelancing Sites is common things these day for both client and freelancers. I want to share you my personal experience. There is two types of phishing in freelancer sites.

  1. Freelancer side: When freelancer wants to connect with client by different way like email or phone, what app to get project in spite of site where they meet each other. 
  2. Client Side : Client try to connect with freelancer outside of freelancer site like freelancer .com, upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour. 
Reason of Phishing:

  • Freelancer feel unsecured some time, in starting face spacially when he didn't not get any project easily. then he wants to client by wrong ways like phishing etc. 
  • When he don't want to pay commission charged to freelancing site.
  • Greed to low price services
  • Make some fraud 
Hope that will helpful