Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why Account not activate easily on Freelancing sites? 3 Reasons and Solutions

This problem is arising from number of new freelancers. I will explain to you it's 3 main reasons with its' solutions.

1. Identity Verification Process of Freelancers:

Reason: Some sites like, upwork, fiverr, etc. need ID proof of freelancer, to verify his identity to reduce fraud activity.
Solution: Upload ID proof like Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Passport etc. Or you can try other site like,,, Themforest etc.   

2. Skill Test of Freelancers:

Reason: To maintain services or design standards of website, some site like 99designs, crowdspring, take some designer skill test before their account full activated.
Solution: Enhance your practical skill as well as theory before start online freelancing to pass this test.

3. Websites Policy:

Reason: Some sites like upwork, not activate easily any freelancer account. It reasons may be completions, geographically reason etc.
Solution: Try on some alternative sites, peopleperhour, talenthouse, fiverr etc.   
I hope this article will help you understand the reasons and solutions of account activation process of freelancing sites.

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