Thursday, December 26, 2019

Is good for designers?

99designs .com is good if you love design contest without the greed of income.
This is no 1 website for graphic design contest in the world. You can earn money with your passion, if you a graphic designer, web designer, app designer etc. Here you can find world class contests the expend your creativity and mind.

  • This site is trustworthy and work. you get paid 100% if you win any contest.
  • The main thing is that our design should be creative and unique, which increases your winning chances.
  • This is Australia based site. The designer participates around the world.
  • You can see here 97,339,731 designs have been posted till now and continues ...
  • There are many websites like this in the internet but 99design is the best and on the no 1.
I worked on many design contest site like design crowd, freelancer, designcontest, crowdspring, talenthouse etc. I have different experiences on every site. All sites has its own features and advantages.
99designs .com price of the contest is higher than another site. 

Projects and clients are a very high label. that why here need extraordinary creativity here. You can get the best customer support, fast payment and get participation payment also, sometimes if you get selected as a finalist. You can get full payment as shown on the project page, not any deduction. As of many website charges 10% to 20% on winner price. Above images is a contest page. here we can find relevant contest or project that match your profile. I mostly participate in logo design, business cards, and Icon design project.  You can see here price and other detail related to the project. cost, deadline time, no of design that submitted, etc.
Click on drop-down button we can see all categories list for design type as shown here like logo, web app, etc.
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What is the easiest work on Freelancer?

Logo Design and Bidding on Project is easiest work.
But Freelancing is not easy specially in starting face. you need to put your extra power from inside. because this a race, this a competition , this is a like game. Whereas, if you follow some importance things you work be easy and you can earn money too.
Freelancing trend are increasing day by day today’s. Everyone want do start freelancing and make some money. There are many tips and tricks to start freelancing. Here are some must important tips or secrets. These all tips are based on my personal experience. you can download free cdr file on for references. 
1 . Competitive Approach – This is as important as petrol in fire and as oxygen in our life. When you come down or lose your energy or feel hopeless. It will help much to come back again and again for success.
2 . Keep financial backup before start – This is as parachute, when you fail or about fail it will save you.
3. Celebrate your small Success with friends – It will keep you recharge always to do more.
4. Enjoy when you fail – feel like game when you fail.
5. Always try to challenge yourself – it will help to bring out hidden talent form yourself.
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Best freelancing website that you can make good income?

For freelancing these the famous sites
For active income:
1. 99designs
4. Fiverr
5. Upwork
7. Crowdspring
8. Designcontest
9. Guru
10. Peopleperhour
For passive income

1. Shutterstock
2. 123rf
3. Adobestock
4. Dreemstime
5. Themforest
6. Myfont
7. Freepik
8. Thenounproject
9. Envato
10. Youtube

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Why freelance work becoming more popular?

It's many reasons, some of them are
  • Freedom from boss
  • Full control of your time
  • Much time spends with family and friends.
  • No boundation of earning.
  • Most important you can live your life.
In freelance you need
  • Technical Skills
  • Marketing skill
  • Communication skill
  • Competitive approach
  • Continues learning
In corporate you need
  • High qualification
  • Hard and smart work
  • Official politics
  • Management skill
  • Confidence
Suggestion for must read before start freelancing
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Top 10 freelancing websites for earning in India?

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. 99designs
  4. Designcrowd
  5. Sutterstock
  6. Themforest
  7. Talenthouse
  8. Crowdspring
  9. Designcontest
  10. Upwork
Upcoming new site

How can you survive as a freelancer without joining the freelancing sites?

In this digital era it is very tough to survive without online for any freelancer, Specially for new freelancer. Because all market demand and client are going to online mode. Where as it is also possible to do freelancing without on line freelancing sites. But some important things.
  1. Need experience
  2. Good network
  3. Passion with work
  4. Good communication skill
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Difference between, and 

All these three site are most famous and reliable site for freelancing. I will show you the main differences here through these two table.
In this table you can understand easily about how much designer are on site, how many live projects on sites now, commission fee, winning changes etc.

In this second table you can see all these site are Australia based company and stated the almost the same year as per Wikipedia. I work all of them and win the project each site.
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To understand in hindi watch this video.